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When PilotKit updates fail and how to fix them

In order for PilotKit to work without issues sometimes you will need to reset its permissions. This might be caused by a new OS update or a system change, but changing and fixing the permissions for PilotKit is very easy and straightforward.

What can wrong permissions do? 

  1. Prevent new updates from installing.
  2. Prevent weekly tasks from running.
  3. Prevent new sites from being installed.

How can I fix this issue?

The only folders that need read and write permissions are: cache and Sites

Here is how to fix it (in the example below we are going to fix/reset the permissions for the cache folder the same can be done for the Sites folder):

  1. Right click on the cache folder, and select Get Info
  2. Click on the lock icon located on the bottom right (see number 1), enter your password when prompted, this will allow you to save and make changes.
  3. Expand the Sharing & Permissions Tab, you will see a list of users (see number 2). Add “read & write” access to everyone. To do this click on Read only option and from the drop down select Read & Write. The same will be done for admin and your username (your username can be identified by the appended letters “me”).
  4. After adding Read & Write permissions, click on the the little gear icon (see number 3) and then select “Apply to enclosed items …” 
  5. Click ok once prompted to continue (see number 5).

You can repeat the above instructions for the Sites folder.

Or watch the video: