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Unbelievably new features coming your way

Coming Soon on PilotKit

It has been a while since our last official newsletter. A lot has happened to PilotKit and we are super thrilled to tell you about it.

When we created PilotKit we had only developers in mind so we built our product around that idea, but with time we understood PilotKit could be more than a development tool, and that PilotKit could be your one stop solution for all your design and development needs.

So we did our homework and worked very hard, day and night to bring you a product we are proud of. A product meant to help you ease your workflow and save you time.

Here’s a few new features:

  • Faster Installation
  • Improved Performance
  • Easy and simpler UI

A Simplified New Interface

This interactive builder is tied to the new PilotKit theme called Be Unique (available only for WordPress).

P.S. We did not forget about you developers, you can still access the old interface and features through the settings menu, by clicking on advanced mode.

Be Unique (WordPress theme)

Codeless and easy

Built with a drag and drop builder and several templates to get your site up and running, BeUnique theme works whereas you have a small company, online shop, portfolio and etc.

Over the next week or so, we will release more information and demos about PilotKit’s new theme and its related features.

This is just the beginning, there is so much coming your way and so many more features. During the next following weeks we will begin to release the new version to our early-bird members and then to the general public.

Thank you for choosing PilotKit!
We hope that you enjoy our rock solid services.

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Introducing Journey – PSD Multipurpose Template

Journey is accurately designed for Bloggers, Writers, Companies, Coming Soon pages, Portfolios, and much more. Each template is very simple, professional, easy to code and edit with your Photoshop skills.

Each section is organized in layer folders and properly named with the title of the section.

What’s included:

  • 7 Fully Layered Adobe Photoshop .PSD files
  • Most fonts used in the templates are either free fonts or available for download on google fonts
  • All Icons are free for download

Bonus: all fonts & icons are linked in an extra file. There’s also 1 premium font linked

Where to Purchase:
Creative Market
Epikly Store


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PilotKit 3.0.4 Update

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Version 3.0.4

  • Thanks for using PilotKit, we have dust-off some corners and now PilotKit is full of shine. This release enhances functionality and performance of your PilotKit services. Download today and enjoy a better PilotKit experience.

How to install this update

  • This update is a little different from the other ones. Download and unzip the update, once completed: copy the content inside PilotKit-Upgrade to Applications/PilotKit. And you are all set.
  • This new update will enable the auto-updater inside PilotKit, which means any future update will be done through PilotKit.

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Introducing 5 all-new PilotKit features

As a technology guy, it is always great and exciting for me when we launch something new. Today, I have a couple of exciting announcements. We’ve been hard at work the past months; so we’re excited to give you a proper update on everything. Let’s jump right into it,shall we …

  • First, we are introducing the all-new PilotKit Pro; we have enhanced almost every feature. We have revamped the interface, making it even easier and more intuitive.
  • Second, we have discontinued PilotKit Basic, meaning that now PilotKit offers only the PRO version. Now our users are able to enjoy all the features that make PilotKit great.

PilotKit Pro

About a year ago, Epikly started to work on a web app that would change the way developers interact and develop locally.

While OS X provides powerful means of interacting and working locally, it is also a maze of issues some beginners encounter when configuring and setting up a local development site.

And that is why we created PilotKit, to simplify this process and to allow you to focus in what truly matters the most: your projects and your clients.

Share your local site virtually anywhere

Are you tired of constantly uploading your work in progress to get feedback from clients and to test APIs?
PilotKit uses ngrok to create a secure public URL (such as to a local webserver on your machine.

View your site on mobile devices, tablets, share your progress with clients, as long as you have internet access.

Duplicate Sites

Are you aggravated by copying and duplicating a site just to mimic the same functionalities, themes, plugins, appearance or just the structure?

PilotKit simplifies this process by simply clicking on the site you wish to clone, enter a new name and then…you are done!

The all new Installer

We have rebuilt how we setup new sites for WordPress, it is now easier to select bundles of plugins to start with. The bundle will match the perfect category of project you’re building.

To be more specific, Pilotkit allows you to choose options like developer, ecommerce, and security profile. You can add extra plugins later on but this will get you ahead of the game at the very beginning.

We understand that sometimes you want to start with a boilerplate theme for WordPress, that is why we added a blank theme ready for you to play with. All you have to do is add styles and functionalities as you like!

Also PilotKit makes super easy to manage and install multi-sites.

New auth – when adding a new site

New Structure

All Sites created with PilotKit will be stored inside the app, these files or configurations include: error logs, virtual server configurations, and site configurations. This way makes it  easy to find and manage the site’s settings for all our users.

Here you will find all your sites and configurations for apache and future nginx support.

Pricing and Plans

(new) Monthly Billing:

Yearly Billing:
$75 billed yearly
You save: 36.97% that is $44

(new) 2 Years billing:
$130 billed every 2 years.
You save: 45.61% that is $109

When can I expect the new PilotKit?

The all-new PilotKit will be rolled out to our special early birds first. Between 2-4 weeks later you will be all able to download it from your account.

Version release #: 3.0.0

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PilotKit 2.3.4 now available

What is new in PilotKit 2.3.4

Version 2.3.4 of PilotKit includes many new features which aim to make your workflow, development and more efficient. Here’s a quick preview of V2.3.4 features:

Site Manager:

  • Automatically login into WordPress ( no more manual login)
  • Improved Site removal
  • Added Site Pre-Flight addon (only for WordPress sites)
  • Now you can backup you entire site or just your database.
  • WordPress User management (create, delete, and add new users)
  • Some memory leak issues were persisting and we have fix the issue.

Secure WP:

  • Improved security
  • Added better htaccess protection for WordPress sites.


  • Improved error logs.
  • Improved code and UI.
  • Fixed minor bugs.
  • Integrated Deploy addon with Site Pre-Flight.


  • Added Support link
  • Added Feedback link
  • Improved tracking and analytics


  • Added Error log Viewer



  • Improved CMS installer
  • Now PilotKit will fully install Joomla
  • Created new user profiles for installation (Default, Developer, Security, and E-Commerce)



  • Fixed minor issues and bugs with site manager.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented Site manager to load in some environments.
  • Added PilotKit app to applications.